Camp Will – Summer, 2022

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A Three Week Session: June 13-July 1

This summer marks the 14th year of our beloved camp! Acting and specialty workshops make up the first half of the day, followed by afternoon rehearsals of a Shakespearean play. The program will culminate in an abridged performance of Much Ado About Nothing.

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Week 1) July 11-15 – LAUGHTER! with Sena Taskapilioglu

An exploration of all the emotional layers of laughing and the act of recreating genuine laughter on stage. We will research laughter, discover the components of it, and apply this special skill set to a comedic scene.

Week 2) July 24-29 – MASK WORK with Sena Taskapilioglu

This workshop will focus on developing a character and “posture” through masked exploration. Mask techniques will then be used to create a short piece through the physical discoveries of this training.

Week 3) August 1-5 – PLAY-IN-A-WEEK with Kristin Wollanin

From casting and table work to a final performance of a Shakespeare play… Yes! In one week!

Summer, 2021: A rehearsal for TWELFTH NIGHT at the Stone Independent School

Unleash the power of Shakespeare! We believe that performance-based instruction is the best way to truly appreciate Shakespeare. It’s also a great way to have fun while exploring and creating a world of Shakespearian possibilities.

By developing active, personal approaches to Shakespeare’s text, campers experience not only the genius but the pure joy of bringing his characters to life on stage. By keeping class sizes small, we ensure that each camper receives personal encouragement and attention.

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A non-profit organization committed to help foster a love of Shakespeare through performance and performance-based instruction.