Adult Theatre Education

It’s the dawn of our adult theatre education workshops! The People’s Shakespeare Project’s first workshop will be led by Sena Taşkapılıoğlu and focus on movement and physical theatre! Join our community of developing theatre artists!

EVERYTHING MOVES!: Physical Theatre & Storytelling

In this workshop, participants will find the chance to research acting through movement and physical theater techniques. By using Lecoq-based movement techniques actors can discover new ways of finding play (le jeu in Lecoq) and building it up to a story. Physical theater is interested in the silence before the words. This area contains a tremendous amount of tension, vigour and provocation for the actor, who is at the same time, the writer and the director of their own artistic piece. Pushing and rediscovering physical limits of the actor, this work will create the opportunity to transpose the text to movement based storytelling. Coming from the basics of action-reaction, creating space, listening, gaze, and rhythm, one can find subtle play, develop it and turn it into a much more complex structure. Strengthening the presence of the actor on the stage and giving them the agency of creating throughout their play is the main aim of this work. There will be a showcase at the end of the workshop, created by the tools we practiced during the training based on the selected Shakespeare plays.

The sessions will be held at the Stone Independent School on April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7, and May 14 from 6:30-8:30 PM. Students are expected to attend every session.

Instructor: Sena Taşkapılıoğlu studied acting at Bilkent University Theatre Department in Ankara, Turkey. She has given many performances and workshops on improvisational theatre in many different countries, such as Turkey, Holland, Germany, Austria and United States. She is one of the founding artists of the very first clown company in Istanbul.

Tuition: $100. Scholarships are available. If interested in applying for assistance, contact our Executive Artistic Director Jeremiah Miller:


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