LKH Theatre Studio

Named for TPSP’s founder Laura Korach Howell, this program offers theatre education workshops for theatre professionals and other adults interested in augmenting their theatre skills.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!

Ms. Howell was the instructor for our most recent workshop, Acting the Shakespeare Monologue.

This workshop incorporates the various parts of an actor’s craft – voice work, character building, deciphering the clues in the text, physicality and emotional work – in the exploration of their chosen monologue. As the actor explores their personal connection to the monologue/character by tapping into their vulnerability and willingness to dig deep, they are sure to leave the workshop with not only a well rehearsed audition piece but with acting techniques that will give them added confidence as they tackle more Shakespeare as well as other playwrights’ work.

Here’s what one of our students had to say about our inaugural workshop, “Everything Moves,” taught by Sena Taşkapılıoğlu:

I recently engaged in a workshop called, “Everything Moves! Physical Theatre and Storytelling” facilitated by Sena Taşkapılıoğlu. I have been performing and studying threatre in one way or another for over four decades. I was extremely impressed with the quality and content of this workshop as well as the knowledge and expertise of the instructor ... More than technique though, this workshop allowed me to feel strong as an actor, in the physical sense but also in the intellectual senseI felt like an artist again, not just a student. That is a feeling that cannot be bought or built, but is a tremendous gift when it happens. I appreciate that The People’s Shakespeare Project has the confidence and talent to offer workshops that are out of the box and stretch actors out of their comfort zone. I look forward to what is offered next and trust TPSP to continue to support my development!

-Georgiana Staley

A non-profit organization committed to help foster a love of Shakespeare through performance and performance-based instruction.