A beleaguered princess runs away and finds refuge in a cave with three vagabonds. As war threatens her hapless father’s kingdom, she and her fellow castoffs of society prove themselves to be the true head of the nation.


Three of Shakespeare’s fools find themselves stranded on a desert island, each with their own “baggage.” They must adapt to this new reality or find a way off the island, using the only tools at hand: music, wit, words, and play. It may be a fool’s errand, but they will discover a purpose.


Holly Andrew

Sena Taşkapılıoğlu


Kristin Wolanin


Our free Shakespeare in the Park offerings continue in Summer 2024 with Love’s Labours Lost, running June 18-June 23.

Following their initial resolution to steer clear of women, the King and three of his companions find themselves in the position of having to accommodate a princess and her three attendants. As fate would have it, the four men develop deep affection for the ladies and make the choice to pursue romantic relationships with them. Ultimately, the women are obliged to return to their homeland for a year, during which time they will decide to marry the King and his friends on the condition that their affections remain unwavering and sincere.

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