About TPSP

The People’s Shakespeare Project, a non-profit organization founded in 2006, is committed to help foster a love of Shakespeare through performance and performance-based instruction. We believe that by developing active, personal connections with Shakespeare’s texts, the beauty, breadth and wisdom of his plays and characters can be readily accessed. The knowledge and insight gained in these explorations are extremely enriching for students, actors and audiences alike. But just as importantly as intellectual lives are broadened, so, too, are personal lives. His genius in creating a world of characters true to our own flawed selves cannot help but enable us to develop a deeper understanding and compassion for those around us. The world sorely needs this. The world needs Shakespeare.

Our summer middle-school and high-school Shakespeare/acting camps offer students from 6th-12th grade first-hand experience exploring Shakespeare and acting the text.  Our free outdoor summer Shakespeare performances are family-friendly and now on the beautiful campus of  Lancaster History.